Privacy, Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Data Monetization

Keeping up with the fast-paced growth, complicated legislation, and evolving risks of the digital landscape is challenging for businesses of all sizes and stages of growth.

This is why Besnoy Law P.C offers a suite of services focused on helping you implement critical best-practices, policies, and protections to safeguard your data and privacy, as well as help your business maximize its potential through monetizing its data structuring ownership.

Our cybersecurity attorneys unite an exceptional knowledge of law, technology, and business at the most complex levels to provide you with tailored solutions, risk mitigations, responsive actions, and legal counsel for a spectrum of data security and privacy issues.

From the collection, storage, and transactions of sensitive information; to compliance with state and federal laws; to security breaches and remediation; to the defense of our clients’ interests and interactions with government agencies; to maximizing licensing fees associated with data structure ownership; our experienced legal team provides data security advisement from every business, regulatory, and civil and criminal standpoint.


  • Client consultation on GDPR laws and the international reach and effect of GDPR on U.S. businesses.
  • Implications of the COPPA Child Privacy Law
  • Implications of the FERPA Student and Education Privacy Law
  • Identification of cybersecurity risks, roles and responsibilities.
  • Establishing the cybersecurity system and identifying how it is maintained and by whom.
  • Drafting, evaluating, and updating relevant data protection procedures and policies for GDPR compliance, including privacy policies, cookie policies, terms of service, internal data management policies, and third-party vendor policies. 
  • Developing, improving, and documenting cybersecurity governance and best- practices.
  • Implementation of IT risk management, including company data assessments and access to data penetration testing.

  • Review and counsel for cyber insurance plans to ensure the highest level of adequate coverage.
  • Application of technical controls and security settings in existing systems.
  • Counsel on applicable ethical data security considerations and remediation strategies. 
  • Preparation of incident response plans.
  • Educational programming for workforce, including cybersecurity training modules that cover a range of topics such as:
  • How to conform with global regulatory requirements.
  • Tips on safeguarding customer records and information.
  • Destruction of personal/private information.
  • Third-party vendor management policy.
  • Cybersecurity training and certification.
  • Detection, prevention, and mitigation of identity theft.