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Besnoy Law specializes in helping clients to acquire, secure, protect and monetize intellectual property rights necessary to move their businesses forward. These services include handling the creation and use of intellectual property, including all aspects of trademark, copyright, and licensing of intellectual property.

  • Digital rights to content including photos, music, video and text
  • Registration and protection of domain names, trademarks, service marks and copyrights
  • Licensing content for digital distribution including via the Internet and wireless networks
  • Registrations under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Client consultation at the creation and selection stage
  • Preliminary and comprehensive searches of trademarks, service marks, company names, designs, slogans, trade names and domain names
  • Enforcing trademarks, from demand letters to Trademark Office proceedings, to litigation in Federal and state court, to alternative dispute resolution

Intellectual property refers to creations of the mind and how an individual uses their creativity to invent something new such as a symbol, trademark, design, name or even images. Our intellectual property attorney in New York NY practices exclusively in this regard to satisfy our clients. We value our client’s intellectual property rights and in case of any infringement, we fight it until we make sure that it is secured.

Besnoy Law, P.C. is an intellectual property law firm in New York City that keeps you ahead of every competition in your business. It aims to work on the win-win strategy basis and is known as the best New York intellectual property law firm in town. It is known for its highly professional intellectual property law attorneys in New York City and also for its unparalleled highly determined lawyers.

Attorney Craig Besnoy is one of those Intellectual property right attorneys in New York who not only strives to safeguard the rights of your intellectual property, but he also affirms to provide comprehensive legal services effectively and efficiently at the same time. Our intellectual property attorney not only provides his clients with the best of opinions but also guides them in sustaining their competition in the global world of intellectual property. He delivers the best and nothing else and makes sure that the intellectual property rights of his clients are protected and secured in the future as well.

Located in New York City, Besnoy Law, P.C. is a premium law firm that aims to provide ultimate satisfaction and relief to their clients whose property rights have been abused and infringed upon. Our intellectual property lawyer will do everything in his power to protect your intellectual property rights and he will find a way out no matter the issue you are facing. Our intellectual property lawyers inspire to create a reliable environment for each one of our clients and intend to make sure they are not just contented but are extremely satisfied at the end of the day. Our New York intellectual property lawyers will discuss your issues in detail during the consultation.

Besnoy Law, P.C.

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