As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, so do the related laws and regulations. Our legal team helps clients in the cannabis sector navigate the highly specialized legal requirements for this niche industry, to ensure the client’s business is both state and federally compliant, and protected in all aspects of establishment, operations, workforce, and privacy.

From helping cannabis start-ups get off the ground; to various investment, sales, and exit transactions; to protecting and defending property and interests; to helping you reduce costs and manage risks; our attorneys will help assist with and anticipate the legal needs of your cannabis business.


Educational institutions are confronted with a multitude of complex legal and business matters specific to this industry. School formation and facility contracts; policies and procedures; employment and labor disputes; and administration, students, faculty, parents, and third-party matters such as bullying, harassment, and discrimination; compliance with federal and state regulations; special education acts and eligibility disputes; and privacy and data protection are just a few of the legal challenges educational institutions are confronted with.

Our team of attorneys have the experience and knowledge to advise and represent schools, parents, administration, educators, and other staff on the numerous legal facets associated with education.


Museums face many challenges and have a wide range of needs specific to the industry.  From drafting international art exhibition agreements and enforcing intellectual rights protections, to facilitating art loans, merchandising, and catalogue agreements, our experienced legal team has a sophisticated understanding of how an international art exhibition is implemented and executed at all stages.

We provide counsel for a variety of transactional matters involving museums including joint promotions and sponsorships; talent booking and film screenings; engagements with service providers; and artist representation.


Non-profit organizations, foundations, associations, and services all require legal counsel specific to this niche area. Our attorneys provide the legal expertise and knowledge necessary for successfully navigating the highly specialized needs of non-profits in the areas of formation, infrastructure, boards, and by-laws; state and federal laws and regulations including 501c3 tax-exempt applications, registration, and status; financial obligations, distributions, fundraising, and budgeting; personnel, volunteers, and beneficiaries; programming and activities; and other matters unique to this sector.

In addition to providing legal counsel, we are sensitive to the economic needs of your non-profit and align our strategies with your mission.

Entertainment, Arts & Media

Ventures in the area of entertainment, arts, and media present a unique set of legal challenges. Our attorneys have deep and diverse expertise in the broad spectrum of needs associated with the entertainment industry, and we provide a suite of highly individualized services to further and protect your business.

From establishing and protecting intellectual property; to structuring, negotiating, and closing various contracts and agreements; to general counsel and dispute resolutions; we help you confront your entity’s legal matters with knowledge, experience, and creativity.


Technology is competitive, fast-growing, and full of both potential and obstacles. Our attorneys maintain a specialized focus on navigating the numerous legal requirements and challenges associated with the business of technology today, as well as the foresight for its future.

From start-up tech ventures; to various business transactions; to protecting intellectual property, data, and privacy; to resolving disputes in and out of the courtroom; our highly experienced legal experts will help you stay in compliance and ahead of the industry.