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Vendor-ManagementThird Party Data Breaches present a significant risk
  1. Establish Due Diligence Standards
  2. Vendor Risk Assessment
  3. Ongoing Vendor Monitoring and Measurement
  4. Define Vendor Obligations in a Contract

Vendor management is a term used to describe the activities that are included in the research and sourcing of vendors. Companies and organizations use the concept of vendor management to control costs, drive service excellence and mitigate risks in order to gain increased value from their vendors. Any individual or business that provides goods and services to another company, business or organization is considered their vendor. At any time, a business, company or organization could be working with multiple vendors. Each vendor has different contract terms, pay rates and points. All this is managed with the help of a vendor management policy.

The team of professionals and experts at the office of Besnoy Law, P.C. in New York, NY, understands the laws that define New York vendor management. We can help you with every aspect of vendor management, from drafting the contract, payment terms, researching and sourcing vendors, obtaining quotes with pricing, identifying capabilities, negotiating contracts, and much more. Vendor management is a vast area that requires effective streamlining so the entire process can work efficiently from start to finish. Maintaining healthy vendor relationships is also very important and ensuring that the vendor agreements are followed and met mutually by both parties is also highly important. Our team of experts can help you draft the vendor management policy as well as help you with New York vendor management.

Vendor management requires a number of key steps that need to be fulfilled for the entire process to move smoothly and effectively. It starts with the establishment of due diligence standards. The next step is of vendor risk assessment, which is the process that deals with the management and planning of third-party products and services. Once these steps are taken care of, it requires ongoing vendor monitoring and measurement. A detail of all these steps is given in the vendor management policy. The last step is that of defining vendor obligations in a contract. If you need help with vendor management in New York, give us a call to talk with our team of experts.

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