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Empower employees to adopt a security-conscious attitude that helps protect your business

Managed Phishing Simulator ServicesExecute simulated phishing email campaigns Train workforce to identify and avoid malicious emails

Nowadays, with the increase in cybercrime, the need for phishing attack simulation and training for end users has become extremely important. Good news is that Besnoy Law, P.C. based in New York, NY, offers managed phishing simulator services for the end user that will help empower your employees to adopt a security-conscious attitude. We provide phishing services in New York and New York City, which incorporate a number of guidelines as listed below:

Guidance and operation of your phishing program:

  • Program planning and design
  • Expert consulting and guidance
  • Campaign assessment, execution, and reporting
  • Program operation by Cyber Security Professionals

At Besnoy Law, P.C. we are dedicated to provide a fully-managed cybersecurity training solution that includes managed phishing, training for the private entity and much more. We also provide end-to-end employee phishing vulnerability assessment that will help transform your employees to defend against today’s most common attack of phishing.

Our IT team understands that the weakest link in the cybersecuity chain is its users. End users are targeted by the bad guys who are able to bypass firewalls and next-generation security. The first step in empowering your employees to adopt a security-conscious attitude that helps protect your business is to start with program planning and design. We will guide you on how to get started with your first phishing and security awareness and training program.

The next step of our New York phishing services involves expert consulting and guidance. Consulting helps fill the gap with a team of experts to assist in the implementation of the phishing services. We also make the security awareness program plan and strategy guide readily available for our clients.

Campaign assessment, execution and reporting are the next steps. We have loads of phishing campaign templates for you to choose from. You can even customize these templates to suit your needs. We also understand that practice, feedback, and training are the three important pillars that will help reduce susceptible behavior to phishing attacks.

Last but not the least, we also provide a phishing test for employees. The program operation is done by our cybersecurity professionals. Give us a call to know more about our Phishing Simulation Services in New York.

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