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Workshops and digital assessment tools to manage cybersecurity and build a risk-aware culture.

Cybersecurity awareness training, workshops and digital assessment tools help provide everything needed by employees to keep their business data and services safe. Cybersecurity awareness can help protect against social engineering and phishing scams. At the office of Besnoy Law, P.C., we provide cybersecurity awareness training which can help build a risk-aware culture. Here are some of the areas we cover under our cyber security awareness training in New York:

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  • Managed Phishing Simulator
  • Privacy Overview
  • Privacy Policies & Procedures
  • Storing, Transmitting, Destroying Data
  • Identifying, Preventing Security Threats
  • Physical Security
  • Digital Security
  • Identity Theft

Let’s have a look at each of these in detail.

Our robust Managed Phishing Simulator training helps fight phishing with continuous simulation and training. By participating in our cybersecurity awareness training in New York, you can engage in phishing simulators, courses and more. The workshop also lets you get familiar with our integrated online security management console.

Privacy awareness training and executive security is also part of the cybersecurity training in New York. You can enroll in our IT security and Privacy Awareness compliance training.

Our financial cybersecurity awareness training in New York can help you understand the privacy policies and procedures. The training also helps you get familiar with the process used in storing, transmitting and destroying data.

Identifying and preventing security threats is also a part of Cybersecurity Training in New York. This is incorporated to our cyber security awareness training program because many users are not prepared to identify and avoid such kinds of cyber-attacks.

Awareness training is the key to reducing security risk. Our Financial Cybersecurity Awareness Training also covers concepts like physical security as well as digital security. We also cover identify theft as an important topic of the cybersecurity awareness program. Give us a call to know more about our cybersecurity training programs and workshops. We also help businesses understand how to pair solutions in ways that complement each other, particularly pairing physical and digital security.

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